Tuesday, 11 June 2013

About me :)

Let's continue this, I am totally in mood to to this and I feel like writing it in English, sorry....

Favourite memory of this past summer
Well, one of them is making this blog, that is for sure. It wasn't actually that special summer, therefore I'll go for that one

Jewelry that you're wearing
Well, there are mostly three necklaces I wear, one is infinity sign with word "directioner" written on it, then there is the Deathly hallows sign and an owl I bough when I was in Croatia about month ago. I aslo used to wear bracelet that I made saying that I ♥ 1D (I loved it sooo much, the heart was actually British flag, just heart-shaped and the 1D was their logo). I sometimes wear earrings too, little owls or British and Irish flags. There are also two rings I like, even though I have no idea where the silver flower-shaped one is. The other one is a bit bigger and really hard to combine with anything cause it hardly ever matches my clothing.

Turns on
Well... hard to tell cause it really depends. But I am crazy about boys who can dance. Dancers. They mostly look good, they know how to move their bodies (which no one can say is not hot) and they mostly have great muscles... Boys dancers are the hottest. And British boys totally too... But the only dancers I don't particularly like are ballet dancers. They can dance, they look good, but when the wear tights and dance ballet... they look everything but hot. The look ridiculous and silly.

Last awkward situation you were in
Can you even imagine how many awkward situations I am mostly in? But the last one was probably this morning. There were two girls who were a year older then me (actually the one I know is just two months older, but she is in the second class while I'm in the first) and they came to our class to ask us to sign petition. It was something about Gypsy whom were not getting good education and about how white people discriminate them. They gave us petition, one piece to person on very right, the other one to the person on the left and asked us to sign it if we wished and then to send it to other person so everyone who wanted to sign it could. But no one even stopped to look at it and immediately sent it to someone else. I was sitting in the middle of the class, so both papers came to me, signed by no one and I didn't sign them either. The girl had to came to me and take them and she saw both papers blank. I felt really horribly, seeing how disappointed she looked and knowing she would remember it, which I felt bad about since we knew each other well (we dance together with our dance group, just two days ago we spent whole day together...). Maybe that doesn't sound awkward to you, but trust me, it was. And I hope she won't dislike me now...

Quote you live by
How could I possibly choose one? If I had, it would most probably something about dreams coming true. If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough... If you can dream it, you can do it... I love those two. There are many others I love though. Maybe Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.

A story about you and your best friend
I don't understand question... Should I say some story like: "Once we went to..." or it's meant like who my best friend is, how did we meet and why are we best friends?
And I am not sure who I should write about either... there's this person I am sure is the best friend I have, I am just sometimes not sure weather she likes me like that too. (and to be honest, in stuff like this, I am total coward... no way I could ask her)

Opinion of age difference in relationship
At first I have to ask you for no hate since this is topic that can bring some. I think this is not problem at all, if the two are adults, maybe past twenty? Then I think it's normal (I know couple myself like that, he is 3o years older than her and they are together for ages, they've got a son and they are happy... and that is the point, isn't it?)
The problem is, when they are too young, because I thing there really is difference between 1o and 2o years old for example... Honestly, that would be weird. And awkward. And I can't imagine that would work. In these cases I am not for it, but still I am not the one to judge I would do my best not to.

A gif about how you feel right now
And if you recognize the girl, I love you.

Lyrics to you favourite song
is going to be skipped, it's totally unnecessary question, the one about my favourite song was answered already and since I have more than one this would be hard to do.

Ever been cheated on?

Opinion on cheating
It's just cruel and hurts people... What else can be said?

Most recent picture you took
It was one of my friend's geography notes... (not that it was readable :( )

How many followers do you have?
What site are we talking about? On twitter (which I do not visit frequently and care much about) I have only 113 followers, on we heart it (that is one of my most favourite pages ever) I have 3o9 followers, number that increases every day.

First ten songs to play on your shuffle
Just need to warn you that since my iPod has 8GB memory I don't have to delete old ones and there could be ones that no one had listened to for years.
1. Cher Lloyd - Stay
2. One Direction - They don't know about us
3. Little Mix - We are who we are
4. Conor Maynard - Another one
5. Conor Maynard - Valerie & Back to Back (covers)
6. Ellie Goulding - Wish I stayed
7. Ed Sheeran - Kiss me
8. Ed Sheeran - Give me love
9. Ed Sheeran - Family ft. P Money
1o. Lady Gaga - Born this way

Best friend on tumblr
None, sorry... I am just beginning with tumblr and it's not as easy as it might seem...

Most traumatic experience
I remember that one very well... There is this one episode of Doctor Who where strange disease is spreading   and people who are ill have gas masks grown of their faces and they act like moon walkers, just walking. And they keep asking for their mummy. Then there is this one child who was the first one to start this. Episode is full of him, appearing in the dark, in middle of the night when no one expects him, just following people and asking for mummy. The kid keeps suddenly appearing all the time. Whole episode is totally creepy and people who could be easily frightened would be scared. After watching this episode for more than hour (it lasted 1.3o hour I suppose), I had goosebumps all over my body. And then my sister came home from her friend's and in the exactly same voice as the child in Doctor who called: "Mummy?"


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